Caudal Steroid Injection

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The back is the pillar of the body. It helps us to achieve all of our movements, including walking, reaching, lying down and exercising. Due to the fact that the back is always used, there is great opportunity for damage. In fact, the majority of adults will experience low back pain at some point in their lives, with a fraction of those people experiencing chronic low back pain. A safe and effective way to treat low back pain is with a caudal steroid injection. The Texas Pain Care team in the Sugar Land, Missouri City, and Houston areas offers precise diagnoses and effective treatment options, aiming to restore all patients to an active, pain-free lifestyle. Experience effective treatment in Houston, Texas.

What is a Caudal Steroid Injection?

Caudal injections are steroid injections that are given in the coccyx, also known as the tailbone or caudal region, to treat chronic lower back pain and chronic pain in the legs. In this space, branches of nerves help to provide sensation and motor activity to the legs and lower back. The injection helps to relieve lower back pain as well as leg pain. 

Caudal steroid injections help to treat chronic back and lower extremity pain by using a combination of a steroid and local anesthetic, both of which help to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. 

The reason why a caudal steroid injection is performed is because the spinal nerves pass through the epidural space to connect to the legs. If these nerves become inflamed, pain could be felt in the back or lower extremities. Injecting medicine into the epidural space can help to decrease nerve pain.

What Pain Does Caudal Steroid Injection Help With?

Most often, pain that stems from the caudal space radiates down through the buttock and into the lower extremities. Most people who experience this type of pain describe it as pins and needles, or a sharp and shooting pain.

If serious back pain has persisted for longer than two weeks, even after trying hot and hold therapy, massage therapy, NSAIDs or physical therapy, it might be ideal to ask your pain management specialist about additional treatment methods that can help to provide long term relief.

What Does a Caudal Steroid Injection Treat?

A caudal injection helps to treat nerve pain and inflammation. The main causes of nerve pain and inflammation that caudal steroid injections can help treat include: