Phantom Limb Pain

phantom limb pain Texas

The medical necessity to have a limb or part of the body amputated is a big decision and subsequent lifestyle change. Whether due to trauma or a medical condition, a person who loses a part of their body will have to manage a new, different way of living. On top of this lifestyle change, there is also the opportunity that the person will experience phantom limb pains, which are feelings of pain in the area of the body that is no longer there. On top of feeling pain, this can also cause feelings of sadness and depression. Thankfully, there are treatment options that have proven helpful. The Texas Pain Care team in the Sugar Land, Missouri City and Houston areas is able to recommend the best treatment option with a goal to help each patient improve their quality of life. Find relief from phantom limb pain in Texas with our expert care.

What is Phantom Limb Pain?

After an amputation, there is the opportunity for a person to experience pain sensations in the limb that is no longer there. In fact, almost 80% of patients who had to undergo an amputation report feeling some form of phantom limb pain, even up to two years after their amputation surgery. 

The “phantom” part of the condition refers to the part of the body that is no longer there, such as an arm or a leg. Even though the arm, for instance, has been amputated, the person will experience sensations as if the arm was still part of the body. 

While the condition is referred to as “pain,” and the most often reported sensation is pain, there are other feelings that a person can experience, including: